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Citizen initiative By Brussels citizens for Brussels citizens

Brussels, by and for the people of Brussels

15,000 Brussels residents consulted with no ideological or political bias.

The upcoming discussions


Discussion on entrepreneurship and talents (with Leïla Maidane)
August 23, 2023


Discussion on nurseries, public service, and family (with Marie Logé and Pauline Dubois)
August 30, 2023


How to make Brussels cleaner (with Maël Gerday and Talia Butt)
September 13, 2023


How to make Brussels safer? (with Maïté Meeûs)
September 20, 2023


How can all generations be given their rightful place? (with Waya and Hena)
September 27, 2023


How to find your role in Brussels ? With Vidal Alexe and David Stevens
October 4, 2023


Is Brussels "too" multicultural ? (With Laure Fornier and Karim Douieb)
October 10, 2023


How to Build Connections in Your Municipality? (With Ugur Caliskan and Dr. Neslin Sahan)
October 18, 2023


Molenbeek, a Cultural Community? (With Fatima Zibouh and Philippe Van Parijs)
October 25, 2023

Koekelberg and Berchem

Living with a disability in Brussels: an obstacle course? (With Adam Lamarti and Anas Bouyidou)
October 31, 2023


Let's Stay Positive: 19 Reasons to Love Brussels! (With Marc Vossen, Alexandre Ponchon and Adrienne Axler)
November 8, 2023


Brussels, a city of world champions? (With Victor Wegnez and Olivia Borlée)
November 15, 2023


Finding Meaning in Your Work in Brussels (With Chef Christophe Hardiquest and Isabelle Casteleyn)
November 21, 2023


Hoe kan het onderwijs in Brussel gelijker en inclusiever worden? (with Sophie Foets, Béatrice De Mahieu en Sven Moens)
November 29, 2023


How to feel Brusseleir without being from Brussels ? (With Tom Moylan and Sophie Feyder)
December 6, 2023


And in the end, what will be Brussels' future? (With Hassan Al Hilou)
December 13, 2023






By Brussels citizens for Brussels citizens

By Brussels citizens for Brussels citizens

By Brussels citizens for Brussels citizens

By Brussels citizens for Brussels citizens

By Brussels citizens for Brussels citizens

#IAmBrussels is the story of a challenge, launched in June 2023 to the entrepreneur Laurent Hublet: organizing 19 citizen meetings... in the 19 municipalities of Brussels! Driven by Brussels residents who want to openly discuss their city, these discussions will take place from August to December 2023, in all corners of the capital.

Behind the initiative, we find Laurent Hublet (entrepreneur & co-founder of BeCentral), accompanied by many other citizens who want to shake up their city by opening the debate to everyone. In each municipality, guests will come to discuss new, impactful topics that truly concern the inhabitants of the 19 communities.

Cleanliness, safety, health, family, neighborhoods, pride, culture... All subjects will be addressed, without taboo, with the audience and guests who will all have something to say.

Come as you are. "The floor is yours."

Laurent Hublet


Laurent Hublet is the co-founder BeCentral, a leading technology campus in Europe; not only in terms of size but also in terms of impact and diversity. BeCentral is located in the heart of the Brussels Central Station.

Who is behind #IAmBrussels?

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