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For a cleaner capital of Europe!

You recently walked in Brussels. Do you go there every day for work? Do you live there, plain and simple? Then you surely couldn’t have missed them!!

“They” are the piles of trash. In our streets, in our parks, on our sidewalks. You’d have to be blind to miss them. The late summer heatwave certainly didn’t help protect our nostrils.

We thought we had seen and experienced it all. The press had already compared our beautiful capital to Naples, Marseille, or Chicago. But here’s the thing: the new garbage collection schedule put in place in May by the Brussels government has made things even worse.

We are a movement of Brussels residents, and we’re fed up with Brussels being the capital of filth.

The dirtier a city is, the more it attracts filth and insecurity.

Before calling for the cleaning of the planet from their offices and behind the cameras, our 1000 Brussels politicians would be better off taking matters into their own hands and cleaning up our city.

We demand from the authorities:

  1. A citizen consultation on garbage collection. The recent changes to the schedule have created chaos. A reversal is, at the very least, necessary.
  2. More truck rotations. Two pickups per week for household waste and once a week for cardboard and plastics. Our balconies are not waste shelters.
  3. Real ambition for public spaces: trash bins everywhere that are emptied regularly. Public toilets, removal of graffiti, bulky waste, and human assistance for people sleeping on the streets.
  4. Zero tolerance for illegal dumping. We want local police patrols to ticket offenders and make fighting incivility a priority.
  5. A real return on our money. In 2023, the region spent over €300 per household* on cleanliness. These €300 paid from our taxes add to the cost of bags and municipal waste disposal fees, etc. Brussels spends much more than other European metropolises for a lower-quality service.
  6. Taking responsibility. It’s all well and good to tell Brussels residents to pick up litter off the ground; our elected officials are paid to implement action plans that actually improve our city. They will be accountable for their track record.

Join us in this fight for a cleaner Brussels. Sign and share this petition widely, and together, we can change our city for the better!

By signing this petition, you are contributing to raising more awareness among local authorities about the importance of cleanliness and maintenance in Brussels. Feel free to share this petition with your friends, family, and colleagues to gather as many signatures as possible and make your voice heard for a cleaner Brussels.

*Bruxelles Propreté spends €197.4 million per year according to the report “Draft ordinances containing budgets for the year 2023 of the Brussels-Capital Region” by the Court of Auditors.